.           Grease Eraser®
works better, costs less
and is safer for you to
use.  It is the original
powdered pre-spray.  It
is an emulsifying
degreaser /cleaner that
contains no butyl,
d-Limonene or other
solvents of any kind.  
Grease Eraser is
continuing the
revolution that it began
over 25 years ago and
remains the Rembrandt
of the carpet cleaning
.                 Grease Eraser® is manufactured with a proprietary method of
injecting maximum liquid surfactants into a blend of the best quality
powders.  This results in the most powerful, non-toxic, free flowing
powdered pre-spray without solvents which has never been successfully
copied.  It works better, costs less to use, less to ship, easy to store even
in the winter and is enviro-safe.  Grease Eraser is not pH safe for stain
resistants but there are no caustic ingredients in Grease Eraser that would
actually harm the new nylons.  See
PreAction for pre-spraying stain
The favorite prescription of carpet doctors everywhere